Stuttering in Pre-Schoolers

Speech and fluency disorders can be addressed at a very yound age to help children develop skills and habits correctly as they grow.

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Does My Child Need Therapy?
Updated: 2006-06-08
File: Stuttering in Young Children: Indications of the Need for Therapy
Fluency Generating Play Period
Updated: 2006-06-08
File: Fluency Generating Play Period.doc
Suggestions about how to set aside 15-20 minutes each day to play one-on-one with your child to help encourage fluency.
Time Pressure
Updated: 2006-06-08
File: Time Pressure.doc
Tips for reducing the "time pressure" that very young children often feel when they are trying to express themselves.
Why Not Wh?
Updated: 2006-06-08
File: Exciting Times and Kids Who Stutter
File: Rules for Talking Poster

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